Our Brews

For a small brewery, we have a BIG selection!
We typically have between 12 and 16 of our own unique brews to choose from.

See our list of regular favorites below...

Dark Hills Brewing logoIn addition to our traditional beers,
our "Dark Hills" brand is exclusively Gluten Free.

GF beers get a bit of a bad rep. (Mostly because the first commercial attempts 20 years ago were... Let's just say, not great.) But our brewers have devoted over 15 YEARS developing recipes which are 100% Gluten Free - and not "gluten-removed" either - AND they actually taste great! Don't take our word for it, come in and try some sample tastes on the house! You'll probably be surprised just how good GF beer can be.

We also rotate a variety of flavored ciders - which conveniently are also naturally GF - and some lemon ales and shandies that are the perfect refreshing counterpoint when sampling our traditional beers. "Loki's Lemon Ale" is a huge favorite among guests who don't normally enjoy beer!
When you're ready for a great tasting GF brew, just look for the Dark Hills logo and tap handles.

And speaking of non-drinkers, we keep our own handmade non-alcoholic
Root Beer on tap.

Yes, we are a FAMILY & PET-FRIENDLY establishment!

Perennial Favorites, usually available at all times:

Veteran's Legacy Pale Ale  -  5.4% ABV  -  25 IBU

“It's Bally Time!” - “0311” - “XXX” ... All our nicknames for this beer during its development.

This beer is recreated from a time when craft brewing in America was in its infancy. The third largest brewery in the nation during the late 1960's, Ballantine brewery, produced an American Golden Ale. This ale was purchased in large quantities by the U.S. Government, and sent overseas to our soldiers in Vietnam during the war. Richard, our brewery owner, has many fond memories of drinking this beer warm, and often flat, as it was airdropped to his unit during lulls in combat.

Its unique flavor comes from 6 row barley, often used in that time period though rarely used today. Traditionally hopped with hop oils, a typical practice in the day, which we've revived especially for this beer. This beer has many unique characteristics which will delight beer lovers yearning for something different yet traditional. We used Bullion hops as a substitute for the now hard-to-obtain Brewers Gold, producing Black Current, dark fruits, strong herbal notes and hints of juniper-like flavor.

(A percentage of the proceeds of all Veteran's Legacy sales are donated to local veteran's organizations.)

O'Riordan's Irish Red  -  5% ABV  -  21 IBU 

Irish Red Ale is a minor variation of a traditional light-colored Irish/English ale with a bit of dark roast malt added for color. We were just preparing to brew this beer as our St. Patrick's celebration seasonal, and the night before brew day we heard the shocking news of the untimely passing of Dolores O'Riordan, the singer from The Cranberries. (A distant relative of our neighbor, occasional performer, and brewery supporter: Joe Stanley.) Immediately we all knew we had to dedicate this brew in her honor. We're so pleased with the result we kept this as a regular offering.

This Red Ale has a medium body, moderate malt aroma, and is teasing at sweetness. There's a sight roasted grain and caramel flavor, and a low hop aroma & flavor. Beautiful deep amber color, it has a clean finish, with very low esters. Delightfully smooth with moderate carbonation and an off-white head.
Malting Company of Ireland Ale Malt is used, which is produced from Irish 2-row spring barley which is grown with all the benefits of fertile soils, mild temperate oceanic climate and the long growing season. These factors help to provide a malting barley with very large and plump kernels, which makes it ideal for brewing.

Farmhouse Rye (Saison)  -   6.1% ABV  -  24 IBU

A French style ale, Saisons are brewed in early spring using the remaining grains from the previous year's harvest and served in the late spring and summer months to the farmhands. Therefore, saisons encompass a wide variety of ingredients and flavors. Our Farmhouse Rye features 17% rye and a variety of specialty malts that make this ale a thirst-quenching delight. Other barley malts include 50% Maris Otter malt, German 2-row Pilsner, Caramel, Carabrown, and a small amount of Chocolate.

Stableman's Porter  -   6.2% ABV  -  36 IBU

Our Porter is a surprisingly refreshing delight for such a dark-looking beer. Cluster, Fuggle, and Cascade Hops create an English style ale which is accentuated with Chocolate, Honey, Dark Munich, and Carafa II & III Malts, one of which is lightly pecan smoked, to give this Porter it's delicious complexity. The added malted oats fortify this ale and make it hearty and smooth to sustain a stableman through a long day's work.

Honey Brown Ale
  -   5.5% ABV   -   15 IBU

Our Honey Brown Ale contains our own local honey, produced by bees right here at Twin Willows Ranch. We've slightly reduced the amount of honey, and substantially reduced the big foamy head of the 2017 version. Now you can enjoy a lightly-sweet brown ale with a regular foamy head that doesn't interfere with the deep flavor, thanks to our multi-step mash process.

Whistling Springs APA (American Pale Ale)  -  5% ABV  -   30 IBU

APA's are a maltier, more balanced and less hoppy version of its cousin the IPA. Our American Pale Ale is brewed with a two row pale base, accented with biscuit and carabrown specialty malts. A classic West Coast American hops combination of Crystal and Cascade combine for flavor and aroma. It's a great session beer, so take home a growler and enjoy all night long.

Garrison Dark Mild   -   3.4% ABV   -   17 IBU

When you're looking for a great tasting beer you can enjoy for hours that won't put you under the table, we've made this tasty copper brown session ale to fill that desire. It's also lightly hopped to retain its full malt character, and provides a refreshing alternative for those needing a break from the trendy highly-hop-bitter-beer.

Seasonal Favorites:

Summer's Wheat
  -   4.2% ABV   -   13 IBU

This Hefeweizen is named after the brewery owner's daughter and Twin Willows Stables horse training champion: Summer Davis. It is a south German style of wheat beer (weissbier) made with a yeast that produces a unique phenolic flavors of banana and cloves with a tart edge and a little spiciness. It has low hop bitterness, and a moderate level of alcohol. The "Hefe" prefix means "with yeast", hence the beers unfiltered and cloudy appearance. Poured into a traditional Weizen glass, this is one fine looking beer.

Smoked IPA (India Pale Ale)  -  6% ABV  -  83 IBU

Hopheads rejoice! If you haven't tried our IPA in a while, you really have to check this one out... This is brewed with just the right amount of pecan-smoked barley to give our IPA a wonderfully unique overtone that you just won't find anywhere else! Not too much smoke to overpower the intricate blend of hops or seem too heavy, but just enough that you can really enjoy this unique IPA in a bland brewing world of “everyone's got to have an IPA, so here's ours.” This Smoked IPA is a taste you just have to experience a whole pint of to appreciate it's subtle richness, letting the hops fully permeate your taste buds and the smoke flavor to soak into your mouth. It's a sensation you don't want to miss.

Notes: ABV is the percentage of Alcohol By Volume- also sometimes referred to as "point" (i.e. "5 point beer").

IBU stands for International Bitterness Units - a useful guide to understanding how much hop bitterness a beer may have.

Generally speaking, beers with IBU of less than 20 display little to no hops presence. Beers with IBU from 20 to 45, the most common range, reveal a mild to pronounced hops presence. Heavily hopped beers with IBU greater than 45 can taste quite bitter in comparison.

Other Special Offerings:

Arf & Arf
We fill our big 16 oz Pint glass halfway with either Leigh's Dark Hills Brewery Cider or Loki's Lemon Ale. Then using a specially designed spoon, we carefully float your choice of beer on top. We recommend either our popular Stableman's Porter, or O'Riordan Irish Red works great too! Whichever combination you try, it's worth coming out just to watch the process. And the delightful mix of flavors will keep you coming back for more.

To get the full effect of the flavor combination, we suggest you drink with enthusiasm to draw through as much of the cider from underneath the beer, so the mix works out just right in your mouth.

As mentioned before, we keep a variety rotating on the taps every week!

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